Monday, May 27, 2002

hey! woo. i finally have a blogger. yeah baby. okay so, testing testing 1, 2, 3. all set.
my name is brianna. and right now, my blogger is called )`, BRiANNA } L0V,ES -* CALEB > O1 \
because, yes its true, i love caleb. <3 eeek. i looooove quizzes <3 wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
i love movies, and oh i am currently obsessed with hugh grant and shane west and josh hartnett.
okay. yeah i am kinda a teenybopper ;x .... anyways

Which Season are you?

Which era in time are you?

You're Crunchie!
You're sweet at first, but like all good things, people get sick of you after a while. One good (or bad, depends how you look at it) thing though: you're not available in the US.

I'm a bars person!

What gymnastics even best suits YOU?
Find out!

Make an Ass of Yourself.
quiz by Sol

which Episode II character are you?

Queen of Naboo. You could have a split personality - simply to hide who you really are. You are extremely polite and gentle. However, if needs be, you will take action and can be a very good leader. You have the power to make people believe in you - use this power. The one you love could also end up being the one you hate.